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January 2016 - Epiphany

This time of year is always an awakening of sorts for me, although I am often led to such awareness by previous realizations. And so it is that I have come to the decision to take a break from writing and posting any further essays — for a while, a time of unknown and undetermined duration.

This past summer (2015) I began to write the French version of THE DAWN, a composition entitled L’AUBE. The undertaking is immense but I enjoy it immensely. It was with some frustration and amazement that I discovered (through not quite an epiphany but an eye-opening moment) that I cannot write and edit essays while also performing translation and editing of fiction.

L’AUBE has won the day, or rather the days, and perhaps even nights — of many weeks to come.

There will be the Christmas essay of 2016. That epiphany remains to be seen but all is to be seen in good time.

Au revoir!



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