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Me and My Muse - Introduction

December 2014

We try to get along. I believe, however, that the tension of a push-pull chemistry is necessary for maximum quality output! There are times when I welcome My Muse into my life, and then there are times when I wish to escape her. (Yes, I believe My Muse is a “she.”)

My gift - of writing - emerged after an hour of sleep one night. Here is how it usually goes between Me and My Muse:

Me: "It can wait till morning. There are only 3 lines."

My Muse: "You have to write it now."

Me: "But I am tired. I want to sleep."

My Muse: "You won't sleep, not until you get these words safely down on paper."

By then, at least 10 minutes have gone by and I am fully awake. So I explain to Dear Husband that I must write. I get up out of bed and write while seated on the leather sofa in the family room. One bright light illuminates my keyboard.

On that night, I wrote a poem from 12:30-1:30 a.m. I then returned to the vacated lumpy spot in the bed and immediately fell asleep until 10:30 the next morning.

Life then resumed its normalcy, although I am beginning to think that the interruption of my routine by My Muse has become the norm. There is no predicting these things. The only sure prediction is that I will once again have to interrupt whatever it is I am doing to sit down and write. If I just sit down and plan to write, chances are My Muse will find something else to do!


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