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Mid-November 2017 - Giving Thanks

Giving Thanks

I am giving thanks

for the godsend

of consequence,

the harvest of


the friend who came

by happenstance

and stayed forever

in my heart.

I am giving thanks

for memories that can not


from a table filled with


and hearts of miséricorde

where we all thank the Lord

for blessings unrequested

and happiness is guested

between thee and me

toi et moi

for eternity.

I am giving thanks

for the unexpected

that knocked upon my door

when summer came to call

and winter was oh so far away:

I am thankful

each and every day

for the life that flows

through me

to others dear,

be they far or near

in this great land

or beyond

the distant sea.

With serenity

I give thanks

for sunshine

and for rain,

for laughter

and for pain,

for colours

ranging wide,

the newborn babe

and his dawning cry,

the iris opening

up to the sky.

I am thankful

for days that were

and days that will

always be.

I am thankful

just to be.

Debra Milligan


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