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New Bookends

26 January 2024

This morning, I decided to re-open the Book Review section with a new set of bookends.  I’ve an opening salvo, a “history” of the Golden Age of Radio, a book that’s been on my writing desk since June 2023.


Establishing the proper placements of my bookcases and organizing their contents in my new home occupied a good portion of my time during the past few years.  After unpacking all of the boxes, by the autumn of 2021, I discovered that I’d “lost” only 1 book, The Writer’s Guide to Everyday Life in the 1800s.  In the fall of 2018, whilst living in the Rental Dump, I purchased a back-up copy, so this author was covered!


Finding the time to read a few good books also took over whatever was left of my hours, that is, after writing a poetry volume, the Northern French novel, and my Westerns.

The reading of fine literature is not a casual occupation, nor is it strictly the domain of dilettantes.  Capturing the imagination through the written, printed word requires an open mind, and a loving heart, on the part of both writer and reader.  During these brutish and garish days of the current chaos in the world outside, curling up with a good book is one of those precious intangibles that cannot be monetized, although the online ogres have morbidly tried.


Comprehensive, scholarly book reviews within this section are not the goal of this writer. I’m content to cast my net wider — to ponder a published topic that’s been erased in the public sphere through 21st-century censorship, the mob-rule of digitized sectors of capitalism.

All of the book-nook celluloid-corner websites that started out as venues for curious minds to explore a pathway out of their doom-and-gloom have become that doom-and-gloom, overtaking a pitifully defense-less site.

The Wehrmacht-ting of words on-screen has been rapid, fierce, and fatal!


New modes shall arise in the ether-sphere for the posting of opinion/fact/info/myth/made-up realities. Those new modes shall go the way of the old modes:  infested by keyboard warriors.


This proud warrior is happy to offer the searches less traveled.


Bonne lecture !


Or, in English, happy reading.


If you’re looking to be lectured, the Old Modes are always there for you!  As for me, I’m looking for adventure.


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