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Quiet Times

14 June 2023

I’ve begun reading Doctor Zhivago (my first edition). I was halfway through reading this book during the autumn of 2016, before life, and my life, changed so very much.

I’m embarking on Candide by Voltaire, reading it aloud. One cannot go wrong with reading any Voltaire. I’ve also lined up my sewing and cross-stitch projects, although procuring quality AIDA fabric has been a chore.

The “grief” that I am working through is an unusual type of mourning for my Chancey Boy. The tears have mostly ended, although if I go looking for a way to remind me of his last few days here on earth, I shall surely weep. There is, instead, a wondrous sense of duty to live the life he brought me, here, to create — and to realize the joys that are mine to achieve.

I see the world around me somewhat differently, now, in the light of love.

There is so much chaos and bitterness being spewed by the spoiled brats of America, and of the world. I had zero tolerance for them heretofore; that sensibility has arrived at a negative!

This morning, Dear Husband spoke on a work-conference call to a co-worker, a man who now lives in South Carolina — and has since the crazed Covid lockdowns in California from March 2020 until sometime in 2022. It consequently occurred to me that the emptying out of California is still underway, especially for the highly skilled technical employees intent on fulfilling their talents and their lives.

California shall have to be re-constructed from the ground up. Wherever Newsom goes, debt piles up, fast. He attracts deficits as a way of being the center of attention, aka, Politician.

I am humbled by the courage of Donald J. Trump, making patriotic and historic use of himself to expose the obscene levels of corruption in Washington, D.C. — and to do his part in transforming evil into good.

It’s all about to change because of the foul traitors who blacklisted any change that would protect America.

The desperate deeds by hateful and malicious individuals shall rage on for many days to come. I choose to focus on the solace of quiet times. It’s how I can avow that truth, honor, and justice shall prevail in a land where fraud and deception ended up rotting the rotters.

The spirit of Chance is showing me the way to some very new days.


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