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She's a Dog

All Saints Day 2023

She’s A Dog

Original composition and lyrics by Peggy Lee and Sonny Burke;

Rewritten by Debra Milligan

She’s a dog

and we love her

Breaks a new heart

every day

She’s a dog,

All adore her

We all hope

she’ll stay that way.

She’s a dog,

and a beagle

She’s a jumper

She’s Jolene

She’s a dog

and we love her

She’s the most beautiful



You can never tell

when she’ll pop up

She gives us plenty

of trouble

She’s one of those

Windkist pups

We all wish she were double.

She’s a hound,

she’s a rover

And there’s not much more

to say.

She’s a dog,

and a proud one,

They all wish

she’ll prance their way

they’re hoping

she’ll prance

their way


she’ll prance their



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