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Sherman’s March to the Sea

2 May 2020

I continue with translation of THE DAWN into L’AUBE, at a pace that Dear Husband calls Sherman’s march to the sea.

In reality, I work at home, as I have been doing for decades, with even greater efficiency. There are people “out-there”, however, who have written to me with concern, probably because I live in the USA, and even more, because I live in California.

My responses are typical of someone trying to insert reality into a misconception, although I am aware that the view of America in places such as Lithuania must be a wild ride through reality.

The days go by and it seems as if time is very fluid. But soon all of this panic over the pandemic will be over. California Governor went a bit hysterical over predictions that did not come true.

In reality, I have spent much time reviewing the past and have determined that human nature, and human behavior, follow a much more established pattern than does the course of an infectious disease. The sauve-qui-peut mentality is a guaranteed money-grabber for the people who spread fear; the stalwart persist in their quiet anonymity; and the confused uncertain majority vacillate between fear and hope.

I have wondered at times during the past month if that many Americans, and Californians in particular, became convinced that sickness and death had been outlawed, regulated out of existence and otherwise litigated into a state of suspended animation — all because of the Gene Map, DNA-will-save-us-all, and the Personal Repair Kits that were to be distributed by the Nanny State.

Fear is a wretched sensation, but it is part of living, part of life. Courage usually rides alongside of it, if the Rider understands the facts of life, the basic facts of life. The School of Life has been in session during these initial months of 2020, and the home-school teacher in me dares to say that a lot of Americans have earned high marks, while the usual suspects keep doing their thing, mucking it up for the rest of us.

As I proceed, like Sherman marching to the sea, or, as Dear Husband also put it, making mincemeat out of this translation, I try to apprehend the apprehensions that some people hold so tenaciously. For certain people, fear, suspicion and doubt are their best friends. For many others, they are their worst enemies.

The next book of THE DAWN is entitled: La Résistance.

Resistance to fear is among the weapons used in a long-ago and far-away world that knew true treachery and even truer heroism.

I look forward to opening the book on that one, come September.


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