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The Green Hornet

18 May 2022

Yestermorn, I was shown the photo of my Ford Bronco coming off the assembly line.

“The Green Hornet,” I gasped.

Now, I’ve not ever watched this tv-show which was supposed to have been a competitor to Batman, another TV series of the 60s that I didn’t watch, during my childhood, or any other era of my life. (I do, however, vividly recall my two pre-school-age nephews, obsessed with play-acting upon each other the POWEE-ZAM-KAPOW sound effect-scenes.)

I do not wish to start a custom here for my custom car, or SUV. Lean Mean Green Bronco sounds so much more facho!

The voyage of this vehicle from dream to reality has been lengthy. Sometime on 11 May, Dear Husband was notified by The Ford People that the Bronco was scheduled to ship. The Dealership verified this information:

The Bronco has headed out to the rail spur at the factory.

The train, therefore, has left the station in Wayne, Michigan.

Four weeks, and counting, for the Bronco to reach California on the Sunset Limited.

What shall I do while awaiting a motorized conveyance on which I set my California-dream-sights during the spring of 2017?

There’s the Ford Edge to sell. That transaction will be an interesting adventure in how to ethically price a rapidly dwindling commodity with an ever-escalating price tag.

In reality, I do not know if the Bronco will arrive at the Richmond Rail Yard in 4 weeks, so the leave-taking of the cross-over might be postponed. Dear Hubby and I may have to drive to that lovely location in the Bay Area to pick up the Bronco.

The operative words of any day regarding the purchase of long-awaited merchandise:

Postpone, backorder, delay, wait, reschedule, defer, put on the back burner, hold up, shelve (bare-shelve), give a raincheck, lay over, put on hold, hold up, hold back, hold off, hold over, hold on.

Hold on — it’s coming!!

Faith is crucial at times like these. So is keeping all of your options open, even ones that are not on the table.

The trumpeting prowess by Al Hirt was phenomenal, almost unreal, in playing the theme song of the TV-series The Green Hornet (1966-67). Al wasn’t hurting while performing that musical tour de force!

I, on the other hand, or ear, really cannot keep “The Flight of the Bumble Bee” in my mind for a month or so. For one, the tempo is not soothing. Furthermore, there is one song that I prefer to bear in mind during these tacky troubled times caused by traitors in my nation.

It’s a soulful tune — to move to — and who does not need more movement, more freedom of movement, more smooth soulful strides through the American experience? We’re all reaching out toward . . . satisfaction!

Me, I’m requesting a quick reaction from John Bronco. Or at least a test drive!

This hit grooves and bugaloos from the Swinging 60’s, an epoch that clearly swung itself out by the CARTER 70s. Well, Jimmeh wasn’t a soul man, just an old man, even when he was (quote unquote) young. Green meanies are born old.

What’s old is new, though. A new use for a Stax track is due.

Sam and Dave are Stax at its best. “Hold On, I’m Coming” was the 1966 single that hit the R&B charts at #1. Rhythm and blues are not what they used to be, but I’m old school in most matters of music and literature — and automobiles.

Old school rules!


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