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The Hessians Have Arrived - The Revolution at Last

10 September 2019

On the eve of 9/11, I offer a prayer to the Almighty for all who suffered and who suffer still because of evil and its accomplices. Any plaintive person can best be comforted by the truth which always sets free the heart in misery, the soul in anguish.

The truth — the truths — of what was really going on during the past 20 years in the USA, in the UK, in France, in Western Europe — have all come home to roost. Fraud and deception were more costly for the phonies to maintain with each passing decade since 9/11/01.

There were, on that day in the USA, two-and-three-faced politicians, with one snarly skunk in particular, who had planned, before that day, to sneak-grab even more power from we, the people. On that day, they were sucking lemons; they’ve been sucking those lemons of bitterness ever since, in the face of American valor and patriotism. The parasites have run out of lemons, but we true-blooded Americans have not run out of valor or patriotism.

The honor, the tribute to courage, the mercy due to the people who believe in honor, in a tribute to courage, and in mercy:

Those blessings are finally at hand, though they are not yet fully in the grasp of the patriots.

The pompous Brits in 1776 hired the Hessians, savage mercenaries, to do their bloody bidding across the seas in the American Revolutionary War. The French demi-god at Versailles presently hires Hessians to mutilate the Gilets Jaunes, the French people who, in their innate hunger for blood-truth, will not be silenced or suppressed in their own patrie.

Even the Nazi Germans in their Occupied Paris, on 11 November 1940, the 21st anniversary of the end of the Great War, even those ghoulish thugs knew better than to physically attack the thousands of young students gathered together at la Place de l’Étoile to sing La Marseillaise and to cry, Vive Charles de Gaulle !

The French of the Tricolore flag are one in spirit with the Founding Father who best understood la douce France, Benjamin Franklin. His words are more true today than they were in the 18th century:

Whoever would overthrow the liberty of a nation must begin by subduing the freeness of speech.

And Mr. Boris Johnson, he of lower-middle-upper class pedigree, just might prefer the lowly gaol to any elitist act of consenting to continuing the imprisonment of liberty in a land where citizens were once free enough to demand a Magna Carta.

The Great Charter has gone a long way downhill since that fateful day of 15 June 1215. On that day in Runnymede, King John, already famed for murder, added the Magna Carta to his resume. I daresay fonctionnaire potentates are no match for the will of free people re-discovering their rights to freedom from those long-ago days.

The Brits in 1776 were always trying to deliver that quick knock-out punch to the rebel colonials in the States. They desperately sought that turn-the-tide triumph, the grand and decisive battle that George Washington shrewdly turned into a war of attrition. The Redcoats were keen to flip the moderate Americans, especially in the mid-Atlantic states, against the American cause.

The goal was to create a surge among the moderates to thereby suppress the radicals and their rebellion. After more than a decade of violating the civil liberties of the colonists, the Brits were going to use the Mushy Middle to nip this thing in the bud! Alas! Moderates cannot be counted on for much of anything when it comes to a revolution, other than running away from it.

The British military in revolutionary America tried to recruit as many citizen-Loyalists as possible to their side, and to sow disinformation, distrust, discord, doomsday-doubt and dissension within a populace that was already divided amongst itself as to what to believe and what to think about the fight for independence from a tyrant across the sea.

Those politics of divide-and-conquer through Project Fear 1.0 were well played-out by a British military that was itself rife with political favoritism: promotions of officers based on merit were secondary, if not, at times, irrelevant.

Sound familiar?

Germany is, once again, imploding, which is never a pleasant sight to see. The natural bend of the German toward yearning for the non-benign totalitarian dictator has created a rigged “green” economy in collapse. With the greens, it’s all about the envy. A united-Germany somehow cannot ever stay united, and I think the German politicians like it that way.

An EU Army is reportedly being planned to get ready and finally, once and for all, squash all of that nationalism from millennia that refuses to die. Somehow, 19th century-Europe gets called to mind, except Ursula of the Forked Tongue now leads the way toward carnage and chaos! (Actually, she reminds me of one of the older women of THRUSH in the world of U.N.C.L.E.)

Here in California, mindless laws are signed and re-signed and mandated and re-mandated, much to the dull surprise of the mindful electorate who do not buy this tacky illusion of governance by political bureaucrats trapped in their sugar-free bubblicious bubble. In reality, California is a headless horse without even a horseman. The West is wild again! A rebel stance is any demand for law & order and that thing called civilization.

Edmund Burke, Irish statesman and Member of Parliament in the House of Commons, declared during the winter of 1776 regarding the war to defeat the Rebels in the colonies:

“Seas roll, and months pass, between the order and execution of plans . . . and the want of speedy explanation of a single point is enough to defeat a whole system.”

In 2019, the want of a speedy anything is enough to defeat the whole system of feckless frauds “in charge” and strewn across several continents! Time is not on the side of tyrants, tinpot dictators or trash-talking partisans. And although time is always of the essence, we live in times that are long overdue. It appears that timing, which is everything, and this timing, which is the only thing, are most providential for the patriots among us.

Fortune favors the brave. It most wondrously favors the patient among the brave who wait for fate and for fortune to play their magnificent hands. General Dwight D. Eisenhower stated that history does not long entrust the care of freedom to the weak or the timid. Because we, the strong and the brave, shall never forget the irrepressible eternal memory of 9/11, the revolution for liberty has arrived, at last.


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