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The New Exit Route

November 2017

There are new garage doors to the “barn” that comprises our garage. The two wooden doors were relics from the early 1960s. The installation guy said it had been quite a while since he’d seen ones of that vintage. A by-gone era left us and we were quite enthused to enter the 21st century, at least garage-wise. The cats, however, were not enamored of these sliding metal wonders, complete with windows. The new exit route gave the felines more than a pause. Gabrielle, the Snowshoe, flitted around the roomy garage for a day and then she realized — with wide open blue eyes! — that she could get a wonderful view of the panorama outside, just by sitting on the roof of the vintage truck parked on the left side of the garage. She also saw that she could flit out and in, in and out of the garage — underneath two horizontal door openings!

The Snowshoe is a social-scene opportunist! Annabella, however, meowed for 4 days straight. Long, moanful sounds of annoyance. She’d immediately spied that she could no longer scurry, unseen, out of the garage through the side opening of a creaky wooden tilt-up door. The new door ROLL-LIFTS up, exposing her to all sorts of visibility! Annabella is such a black cat!

A week went by and she eventually accepted the new doors, though I suspect the attitude adjustment has more to do with the bliss of Gabrielle in her elevated grandeur, peering out of the garage windows, than with a genuine approval of this change of accommodation. The truck throne, however, is a whopping step down from the customary contemplative perch of Gabby — atop her ping-pong table in the lofty rafters of the Garage Barn. With cats, change is always dicey! I would include a photo op of Annabella with this post, but until darkness creeps into the scene, and a damp chill falls upon her sleek black fur, she can’t be found! Even then, she seems to appear from out of Nowhere!


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