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The Shopping Quilt

Christmas 2022

The Shopping Quilt

Shopping is a woman’s art

for what to hold

and for what to part


the past,

or even

the present.

Shopping is the path

to a heaven

of abundant treasures,

not merely

the material pleasures

of dresses

and shoes

and hats with



of faith in the future:

a closet of beauty

a drawer of silken finery

a box of cherished cotton

a shelf not forgotten

that guards

what no shop can sell —


where only God foretells

What will be

and What can never become.

The womanly art of


is like an urgent drum

battant la chamade

for the Huntress

Telling her to ne’er forget

to have an open mind

for What Can Be:

Dresses of serenity

A blouse that the past


Une armoire filled with

the pride

of femininity,

shoes that walk

with confidence

toward the destiny

of a path not taken

to awaken

the girl within the woman

the woman within the girl.

Shopping is an intrigue

not of money or possession.

Shopping is an eternal lesson

in how to be


the thing of beauty

that God created for man:

la Femme

The Woman.

Debra Milligan

29 August 2022


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