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Veteran’s Day 2017 - The American Hero

The American Hero

For just one moment

he felt the thrill of the battle

the daring to go

desire compelled him

to face fear

and know

the mission was worthy

of this nation so true

to the concept of freedom

the red white

and blue.

He’d wanted to touch her

one fleeting last time

to hold her and tell her

this mission divine

comes to each woman

and to man:

to stand

and be counted —

to humbly demand

their place

among the valiant

and the heroes who tried,

the victors

who lived or died

but did not shirk


or run from the fight:

They stood with God

in leading the fight


so each man,


and child

could prevail

with freedom


The American Hero

is courage personified

and each step taken

for liberty

is a voice that never dies.

The song of freedom

is a chorus oft sung

in battle and in fury

but sometimes

the fight is also won

with the bounty

of silence

the love of country

lived each day

in comfort

and in solace,

in homage

to the sacrifices paid

long ago and far away


even on this day

in a nation

where each person

aspires to this name:


Debra Milligan

1 May 2016


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