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Vocal Interludes - Introduction

January 2022

Welcome to the most vocal portion of my website, which includes a few previously recorded performances from the Dramatic Readings section. This adventure departs from the dramatic readings in that this oratory is not always meant to be dramatic in nature. “The Night Before Christmas” began this creative journey, during December 2020. “Love”, by Mary Carolyn Davies, was a major step in this wondrous direction of presenting sentiments sans somber reflection. Black Cat Month gave me yet another step in the right direction — of having fun with a poem. Before I knew it, I felt keen on crafting a category that is completely separate from Dramatic Readings.

Although there may be a presentation that veers toward more serious subjects, my vocal interludes strive to amuse and entertain, not only the listener, but myself as well. I aim to give voice to sentiments that uplift the heart amidst these wearisome and worrisome times. I also intend to tend to the restless heart, of my own, and of anyone else. That unquiet energy seeks direction through these days and nights of uncertainties that are most assuredly not of our own doing. I believe we’re on the eve of tremendous triumphs over too many decades of the degradations of virtue, of fidelity, of honesty — of life itself. The victory of the steadfast human spirit comes alive in these vocal interludes which are, for me, respites from the fomented crises of the weary world outside. If the troubling of life is, indeed, real, then I can only wish that each vocalized performance offers the brighter side of a woeful passage in this life. Or, as the French philosopher and writer Blaise Pascal succinctly put it: In difficult times, carry something beautiful in your heart.


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