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Weather or Not

12 December 2021

This morning, the storm door officially opened in northern California — in ALL of California. The portal flung open after a cold, dry spell, and all that I could think of was — how do I move toward Christmas in the midst of buckets of rain arriving to the Golden State from the Gulf of Alaska.

I first went in search of a new wallpaper for my laptop. Images always lead me in directions hitherto unknown, and not even suspected. This snowy frigid scene warmed my heart.

An hour later, I jotted down this poem.

So while the rains will continue for the next three days, four days at the most (?), I’ll be dreaming of a white Christmas, whether/weather or not those ice crystals form here in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada!

Weather or Not

Raindrops can’t be snowflakes

but I can dream of landscapes

and in my dream

I can place the whitest kind of

beauty and the nicest kind of


all because I found love

with a country boy.

Snowflakes aren’t raindrops

and the leaks in the roof

won’t stop

if you keep hoping for

something that will never be.

Start looking for the


that turns rain into snow,

and snow into rain

Weather can change

and so can your point

of view.

It happened to me

It can happen to you.

Debra Milligan

12 December 2021


14 December 2021

A snowfall morning out my bedroom window came today, too early for this sleepy-head, but I am thrilled nonetheless. I got my wish, my dream-vision come true!

So this is how it can happen, when you wish, and believe that, one day, even early one morning, the wish will come to you. Wise wishes are a good start, but even a foolish one can realize before your eyes.

My first real Christmas here started early. I wish everyone a Merry Christmas!


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