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The sacred trust between two people: man and woman, woman and child, child and God, friend and lover, friend and friend, sister and sister — is the major theme of these 22 poems by Debra Milligan.

How does anyone believe promises of the heart, promises in the dark, promises brought to light? Faith is the key that unlocks the door to every confession; doubt seals it forever with betrayal. The commitment to faith is the pathway to true love, the heart of confession.

Whether living in the moment or in memories of forever, a person must decide to believe in the truth of the heart or to let die dreams that he or she created but somehow did not commit their hearts to bring to fruition. The grace of healing and the grace of forgiveness, the power of love and the passion of redemption are among the gifts of confession.

These 22 poems offer inner truths that spoken words can try to hide, but the heart demands confession, and, in one way or another, it will find it. The heart need not be a lonely hunter for that confession if it is led by faith to love.

These poems are a journey through fear and faith, frolic and forgiveness to find the flowers in real life and the flowers in the heart that bloom eternal. These flowers in full and everlasting bloom open the heart to the ultimate confession. This confession is the surrender to the wondrous unknown called love: the touching memories of a child, a night of passion, a night of desolation, the Ave Maria for a beloved friend, the ultimate surrender to love, the divine inspiration of poetry.

Confession uses the power of poetry to pursue, and even find, faith in love, forgiveness after heartbreak, innocent joy beyond the wisdom of experience, even the vision of a future home.