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Book Four: Operation Nottingham - Op Nott

D-Day 2019

Ah ! Comment Artur me manque !

Oh! How I miss Arthur!

In French, missing someone is a matter of putting the onus on the other person. During the time that I was away from Arthur, engaging in the translation of Book 3, GUILLAUME, Arthur was the one doing without me.

The French love of symmetry reigns supreme here. Les Français sense these conditions of want, need and deprivation in a properly balanced manner. Because if Arthur is not lacking me, I certainly do not intend to lack Arthur!

Book 4 is Operation Nottingham. It presents the parachuted entry of SOE agent Arthur Boucher Carmichael in 1941 into wartime France. The event is quite mystical and a bit muddy. Arthur is now Artur Boucher, a veterinarian of small animals in Provence.

He is in for some fascinating moments and some unexpected touches of kismet and some very direct brushes with fate. He spends a lot of time trying to figure out who is in charge of the resisters, there in Provence. He spends a lot of time trying to figure out Provence, France, and even himself.

Artur finally figures it all out. By that time, he, and I, are on the way to Pour La Victoire, Book 5 of L’AUBE!

Ici Londres —

Voilà France . . .


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