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The Thrill is Gone

June 2024

The Thrill is Gone

by Roy Hawkins and Rick Darnell

The thrill is gone

The thrill is gone away


Yes, that thrill is gone, baby

That thrill is gone away


I know you done me wrong

And you’ll be sorry




The thrill is gone


It’s up and gone away from me


The thrill is gone, baby

And now at last I’m free


I’ll be moving on

without loneliness

haunting me.

The thrill is gone

Maybe it was never really there


The thrill has gone away


Somehow I don’t care


I know it’s gone for my own good

like a lovin’ woman would


You’re free now, baby

Free from my kisses

and my spell

I’m free too, baby,

even though you can’t tell


And now that it’s all over

all I can do is wish you well


Now that it’s finally over


all I can do is fare thee well.


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