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The Welcome Committee

9 July 2024

Jolene is one year old today.


It’s been quite a year, for her, for me, for Dear Husband.


We spent this past year adjusting to life with Jolene, a continuous series of events that, methinks, IS life with Jolene.  Teaching and training her how to live in Our House has evolved into teaching and showing her how We live in Our House.


She is an adorable pup, verging on canine adulthood.  I’ve been very disciplined during this past month in letting go of her puppyhood.  I’d wanted to purchase another stuffed green crocodile, with the crunchy-sounding stuffing, because her original one has lost its crunch!

That Croc, however, is no longer available in-stores, unless we drive to pick one up at the local pet-retailer — at a confiscatory price!

I bit the croc on that one.

Dear Husband has been receiving a weekly update, in his e-mail, from the AKC, American Kennel Club, on this Windkist Beagle, informing him on what to expect, and not to expect, from the hound at Week X.  We didn’t have this official information on our previous four hounds.  Those learning experiences were most decidedly experiential.


My Jolene has become the Welcome Committee for whenever I enter a room, from another room.  And for the nightly call-of-nature break, at approximately 2-3 a.m.

I’m sound asleep while Dear Hubby takes Jolene outside to eventually fulfill her biological mission.  She initially becomes too intent on locating that 4-point buck, or local black bear, that has scent-crossed her trail on the far side of the property.  The size difference is hilarious, but Jolene believes she’s a one-dog deterrent!


When Jolene returns, upstairs, to the Master Bedroom, she’s lifted onto the bed, and she immediately comes to me, to let me know that She’s Back.


I’ve not been aware that she’s even gone.  But she plants her front paws on my body (and I’m a side sleeper), and starts to lick my neck and face.

I, of course, awaken, and welcome the Welcome Committee.


How can anyone not appreciate this type of appreciation?


She then allows me to fall back to sleep while she moves, usually, to her spot at the bottom of the bed.  She’s so small that there have been times when she’s burrowed that tri-coloured body into the blankets, and she disappears!

One middle-of-the night, Dear Husband was up, looking throughout the house for her.  She was there, in the Master Bed, snuggled beside me, under his pillows!


Dear Master thus formed the Welcome Committee for Jolene!


Welcoming a new beagle pup into our home, after the loss of our beloved Chance, was an adventure I’d not felt up to, one year ago; but his spirit, and those of those other hounds, trained me in the art of welcoming.


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