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Ode to an Era

25 March 2024

It has been a life-long habit for me, truly a way of living, to ignore The News.  This stance has been problematic, at times, for me.  How I managed to filter out those Carter years whilst living in D.C., and working in the D.C. press (ABC News, U.S. News & World Report):  It’s been a source of inspiration for me.


And a source of inspiration for my loved ones and friends.  In 2006, I started a complete “news” blackout, largely because, by that point in journalism-time, there was no journalism taking place here, in the USA, and elsewhere.  From 2008-2012, I was intently and intensely focused on writing THE DAWN.  My Dear Friend became much more intimately involved in my writing, and my life, during those years, and then during subsequent creations by this novelist, poet, and essayist.


Frequently, during my time inputting text into a digital file, I’d also be conversing through emails, and opening a tab to glance at the Online News, a fabricated spectre that is now an abomination to anything real, accurate, or ethical.

I’m a real multi-tasker!


It was during one such lengthy email chain to my Dear Friend at her office, on 15 April 2013, that I clicked onto a now-defunct but still functioning “reporting” site.


“There’s been a terrorist attack,” I sent the electronic missive to her, with details.  She then queried me as to if it’s a real attack, and if it’ll become another Fort Hood.


“It’s real enough that it’s been admitted to, right away.”


I guess you could say that was the end of that era, of the American people being let in on the shenanigans that the shills in The Media are paid to cover up, lie about, distort, manufacture, and do whatever to shred the Bill of Rights.

I’ve always been keenly onto the heinous malpractice of the First Amendment by the practitioners of the Press, principally because of my training and interactions with the DC Press; but also due to my informed experiences of sharing a rented room in a crumbling townhouse on G Street with a gal who worked for U.S. Representative Peter Rodino of the Watergate Committee.

That Democrat hailed from my home state; my roommate was from Ohio.  She was wide-eyed, all agog about the goings-on of what now appears to have been a sloppy series of illicit stupidities by a paranoid President.  I’ve got a mental, if not emotional, rolodex that gets flipped through, quite against my will, whenever the whiff of scandal being covered up hits my lovely nose.


The vital need for an informed citizenry through the accurate reporting by the Fourth Estate has gone unfilled for decades.  The journalist-imposters have taken a Constitutional right, actually many Constitutional rights, and tormented them until they, the phoney perpetrators of News Reporting, are now the tormented ones.


And while millions take delight in this abysmal state of affairs, in the sordid occurrences that form the comeuppance of truly vile creatures, I feel only sadness.


The end of an era began about 20 years ago, when the U.S. Government decided that We the People were not the guardians of our own nation, but they, the Powers That Were, could handle that mantle that has now nearly broken this country.  Hopefully, it’s also broken those traitors.

The faces of evil of 9/11 have been replaced by newer faces of evil that the Media dare not show, for they, the Media, are among those faces.

One nation indivisible got turned into divide-and-conquer, on a massive media scale, on a globalist scale.  The miraculous natural resistance of citizens to this inhuman treatment of humans probably began at about the same time that the traitors within this nation took hold of a beast they now cannot let go of — bribes for access, bribes for votes, bribes for power, bribes for money, all in the Name of the People.  This nasty malfeasance has likewise taken place in other so-called democracies around the world, so that now we’re all in the same boat, looking for a paddle.


At least we’re still in the boat.  Le naufrage, the shipwreck, happens while we, the citizens, go about our lives and try to survive the fates not of our making, doing, asking, or willing.


And as much as the corrupt and the profane believe they have the Media, and the Politicians, and the Globalists on their side, we, the Patriots, can sincerely say that we’ve got God on our side.


This ode to an era of fraud, illusion, and deceit ends with looking forward, not back, at the headlines written to protect the politicians, not the people, of this great republic.

The righting of that writing is underway.

That writing’s on the wall, be it the Wailing Wall; or that wall that’s yet to be fully constructed to protect this nation from the hordes of invaders; or the wall between one American and another, that divisiveness of hatred that the professional haters built for their own profit and pocketing.


Divided we fell.


Individually, we picked ourselves up.


United we stand.


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